Training is a never ending process.  This page provides assistance to caseworkers in becoming familiar with the intricacies of their job and lays a solid foundation for what philosophies are used when working with clients.


Weaving the Housing First Approach into Every Agency and Program for People Experiencing Homelessness – Webinar Recording – PowerPoint (Dec. 13, 2016)

Fair Housing: Limitations on the Use of Criminal Records in Housing Decisions – Webinar RecordingPowerPoint (Nov. 29, 2016)

Case Management

Case Management Curriculum: Webinar 1-  Case Management Components and Standards Part 1: Engagement and Assessment- RecordingPowerPoint– Community-Rebuilders-Housing-Resource-Specialist-Toolkit-2015; Solution Focused – Planning and AssessmentUsing MI

Case Management Components and Standards Part 2: Service Plans, Documentation, and Exit Plans – RecordingPowerPoint – Client Visit Record, Action Plan Example, Intake Progress Note

Case Management Series (Webinar 3): A Collaborative Approach to Ending Homelessness: Finding Your Role – RecordingPowerPoint – EvaluatingYourProgram-PSH – Community-Rebuilders-Housing-Resource-Specialist-Toolkit-2015 – FHC Shelter RulesNAEH Diversion

Case Management Series (Webinar 4) Introduction to Working with Special Populations – Recording – PowerPoint – Homelessness Report 2017; Housing Guide; Directory_LMH_02.06.18; Where Can I Look for Housing

Coordinated Entry

Coordinated Entry Series: Webinar 1- Introduction to Coordinated Entry- RecordingPowerPoint – Coordinated Entry Access Models – Coordinated-Entry-Core-Elements Guidebook – Coordinated Entry Self Assessment HUD  (Aug. 21, 2017)

Coordinated Entry Series: Webinar 2 -Assessments, Referrals and Data- Recording– PowerPoint – CES – Assessments Referrals Data; Coordinated-Entry-Core-Elements Guidebook; Coordinated Entry Self Assessment HUD; Hawaii Policies and Procedures Handout; Notice- CPD- Priortizing (Sept. 26, 2017)

Coordinated Entry Series: Webinar 3- How are we doing it in Florida: Community Examples – RecordingPowerPoint

Rapid Re-Housing

Rapid ReHousing (RRH) Series: Webinar 1 – Housing Navigation- RecordingPowerPointLandlord Collaboration Guidebook – Where Can I Look for Housing?

Rapid ReHousing Series (RRH): Webinar 2 – Leasing and Financial Assistance – RecordingPowerPoint – Where Can I Look for Housing

Rapid ReHousing Series (RRH): Webinar 3- Support Services – Recording – PowerPointRapid Re-Housing Performance Benchmarks and Program Standards_2016; Community-Rebuilders-Housing-Resource-Specialist-Toolkit-2015; FHC – RRH Self AssessmentStability Conversation Guide

Working with Landlords to Provide Housing Options to People who are Experiencing Homelessness: Webinar RecordingPowerPoint (June 7, 2016)

Street Outreach and Emergency Shelter

Emergency Solutions Grant Regulations for Outreach and Emergency Shelter – Webinar RecordingPowerPoint (April 4, 2017)