Over the last several years, residents in Charlotte County have witnessed remarkable change. There is a new collaborative movement among human service providers, non-profits, government, faith-based, and community activists who have come together to support new ideas for solving the human condition of homelessness.

A new era in innovative programs and services to assist those recovering from the economic recession and targeting families and individuals who are looking for a way out of homelessness. Charlotte County is a community committed to permanent change, leading homeless and extremely low-income households back to sustainability.

At the forefront of this new collaboration is the Gulf Coast Partnership (GCP), our community’s Continuum of Care as Homelessness Lead Agency. The Gulf Coast Partnership’s mission is to end homelessness through innovation and collaboration. Through capacity building, collaboration, and technology, the Gulf Coast Partnership works tirelessly to bring all service programs together and unite them, while focusing on limited community resources on our most vulnerable populations.

Two years ago, a group of concerned citizens and agencies came together and began the process of writing a 10 Year Plan to Prevent & End Homelessness in Charlotte County. Why? Because when all our residents are given a fair opportunity to succeed, we all benefit.
It is our commitment, through the Gulf Coast Partnership, to bring new levels of sustainability, new programs and services, and to strengthen our community’s human service providers. Please join us today in supporting the Gulf Coast Partnership’s 10 Year Plan to Prevent & End Homelessness in Charlotte County—because Together We Can!


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