Punta Gorda, FL 33950
Salary: $39,000.00 to $40,000.00 /year

The Gulf Coast Partnership is a community-wide initiative formed to understand community needs, identify best practices, and to implement strategies to raise the quality of life for all Charlotte County residents. Through capacity building, partnership, and technology, the Gulf Coast Partnership brings service agencies together to focus our community’s limited resources.

The Gulf Coast Partnership is creating a community-wide landlord engagement strategy and building positive relationships with landlords. As a community, we need to find innovative and creative ways to engage with landlords and find quality housing options for our most vulnerable citizens.


  • Serving as the system planner; identify any gaps, inefficiencies in the system, as well as assets and strengths; and producing a landlord identification, recruitment, and retention model;
  • Conducting research and identifying best practices used in other communities;
  • Conducting outreach and marketing;
  • Identifying available units – maintain a database;
  • Match clients to housing based on needs and preferences;
  • Create a roommate matching program;
  • Serving as primary point of contact for landlords;
  • Inspecting units and addressing issues related to maintenance, health and safety, housing quality concerns, rent payment;
  • Assessing damages and arrange for repairs;
  • Working with partners to create a landlord – Risk Mitigation fund to cover additional deposits, damages to a unit caused by a program participant, short-term vacancy reimbursement when a program participant breaks their lease, unpaid rent, and/or legal fees or mediation costs;
  • Assessing the viability of obtaining insurance to further offset risks;
  • Building community capacity by offering training and workshops including landlord and tenant rights and responsibilities;
  • Facilitating events for landlords, such as forums or information events;
  • Hosting media events to promote the program and raise awareness;
  • Recognition of the contributions landlords make, thank you events, spotlights, thank you notes, Offer recognition to landlords who participate in the program;
  • Providing public endorsement of the program;
  • Conducting landlord surveys to identify strengths, challenges and opportunities;
  • Continually gathering information about what local landlords need and want to develop targeted landlord engagement strategies;
  • Identifying access points for landlord engagement such as clerk of the court and property records, real estate developers and investors, classified ads, property management and landlord associations, industry groups, trade shows, faith-based organizations, media releases, mailings, social media, new buildings under construction; and
  • Participating in all required training and being a team player with other duties as needed.


  • Exceptionally strong written and verbal communication skills, coupled with presentation skills.
  • Strong attention to detail and the ability to manage multiple projects, establish workload priorities, and meet deadlines.
  • Solid interpersonal skills along with the ability and willingness to respect and value the differences and perceptions of different groups/individuals.
  • Knowledge of the causes of homelessness, who it affects, and the factors that can contribute to an individual being homeless.
  • Strong knowledge of Charlotte County and how to navigate the varying environments and the ability to engage landlords to identify housing units across the county that are safe and affordable.
  • Sensitivity to service populations and socio-economic issues; ability to recognize, understand, and control one’s biases.
  • Ability to work independently and to take direction.


  • Preferred – Bachelor’s degree and/or equivalent relevant business/real estate work experience.
  • Strong project management and/or coordination skills.
  • Must have reliable transportation, a valid driver’s license, and appropriate vehicle insurance.
  • This position requires satisfactory approval through the DCF Level II background check process by the State of Florida and will require renewal every five years.