Once a year, the Gulf Coast Partnership conducts a survey of the community to receive nominations for employers and educational institutions who enrich the lives of homeless and extremely low-income people in Charlotte County through employment, and supported employment programs such as work training, internships, and apprenticeships so they can join the local workforce. In February, business and government leaders come together to honor those organizations, nominated by their peers, who have implemented a special program or otherwise displayed vision in employment for those who are struggling. The Gulf Coast Partnership, in collaboration with the Director of the Charlotte County Chamber of Commerce, and Director of Charlotte County Economic Development, present these awards. The 2018 Winners of the Community Leader Awards: Fawcett Memorial Hospital, A & E Auto, Patrice Weston State Farm Insurance, and Charlotte Technical College.

Together Charlotte share the progress they made with the 2018 Focus on Charlotte County’s Housing Crisis and release of the 20/20 Housing Report. In addition, Together Charlotte will share information about their 2019 Focus Area.

Either email your recommendation to [email protected] or use the button below:

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