From The Homeless Coalition – Elizabeth Gilbert Tait, Christine Willis, Noami Fernandez, Scarlett Allen, and Alecia Cunningham. Photo by Gaither Stephens

Pictured from left to right: From Charlotte Behavioral Healthcare – Jim Cox, Dana McAuley, and Gina Wynn. From Jesus Loves You Ministries – Gerry Dougherty. From Virgina B. Andes – Gabrielle Avramovitz. Photo by Gaither Stephens

Hoping to follow in the footsteps of the successful Veteran Functional Zero Committee, the Chronic Functional Zero Committee is working to effectively end homelessness in the area for chronically homeless persons.

There are five criteria that the committee works to meet:

  1. The community has identified and provided outreach to all individuals experiencing or at risk for chronic homelessness, and prevents chronic homelessness whenever possible.
  2. The community provides access to shelter or other temporary accommodations immediately to any person experiencing unsheltered chronic homelessness who wants it.
  3. The community has implemented a community-wide Housing First orientation and response that also considers the preferences of the individuals being served.
  4. The community assists individuals experiencing chronic homelessness to move swiftly into permanent housing with the appropriate level of supportive services and effectively prioritizes people for permanent supportive housing.
  5. The community has resources, plans, and system capacity in place to prevent chronic homelessness from occurring and to ensure that individuals who experienced chronic homelessness do not fall into homelessness again or, if they do, are quickly reconnected to permanent housing.