The Gulf Coast Partnership is proud to debut three new data dashboards on its website showing current project enrollment, demographics, and residence prior to project entry.

Project Enrollment Data Dashboard

The first data dashboard, Project Enrollment, breaks down the current clients enrolled in social service projects throughout Charlotte County.  The dashboard is broken down into the following categories: Clients, Disabled, Veterans, Uninsured, Ever Been Homeless, Domestic Violence Victims, Average Days in Project, and Average Monthly Income.

Project Demographics Data Dashboard

The second data dashboard, Project Demographics, breaks down projects over the last ten years by: Total New Clients, Gender, Veteran Status, Ethnicity, Race, and Age.  The dashboard can be sorted by specific projects within the continuum and years.  The dashboard is also interactive, meaning users can click on parts of the dashboard to sort by any segment they choose.

Project Entrance Data Dashboard

The final data dashboard is called a word cloud.  This data dashboard represents current clients and their residence prior to entering a project.  This dashboard can also be sorted by project and interactive with in real-time.

The underlying data that feeds the dashboards is updated frequently using data directly dumped out of the local Community Information System and client information is scrubbed of personally identifiable information (PII).