A local one-stop for all employment and training needs, Career Source of SWFL, provides job seekers and employers with a multitude of services and opportunities; and are setting the bar when it comes to providing services to Charlotte County’s most vulnerable residents. Workshops related to employment – resume writing, interviewing skills, Employ Florida (EF) navigation and job search are only a few of the services offered at their Port Charlotte location. Additionally, they operate the Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act, Welfare Transition Program, Supplemental Nutrition Program (SNAP), Destination Graduation and Destination Career$ program.

Their mission is to initiate and support effective strategies through collaboration with business, education and social services to facilitate the development of programs and activities that reduce dependency encourage personal growth and provide economic benefits to individuals, businesses and communities of Southwest Florida.
Career Source of SWFL is a vital resource for those at risk of or experiencing homelessness in Charlotte County and are working to empower youth and adults through programs that provide participants with the necessary tools for building a sustainable future.

Destination Graduation

Provides two Youth Mentors, Vikki Dempaire-Salomon, at Charlotte High School and Luz Martinez at Port Charlotte High School. Each year students are referred to them if economic and/or academic challenges put them at risk of becoming a drop out. Trips and monetary incentives are offered to students who participate in career building workshops. The mentors tutor the students and are available for support and encouragement.

SNAP Education and Training

This program was developed by the Dept of Children and Families along with Dept of Economic Opportunity. Any able-bodied adult with children 18 or older must participate in education and job search activities to become self-sufficient. “We see many homeless individuals who often cannot meet the demands of the program due to lack of transportation and limited access to communication technology,” says Peggy Doret, a Career Development Representative for Career Source of SWFL.

Grant for Occupational Skills Training

The Workforce Investment and Opportunities Act provides a grant that enables individuals who qualify, to receive paid training for careers that are in demand. Individuals who are interested in this may attend one of the weekly orientations held Monday’s at 9:15 am.

“Hans Dettling, one of our Employment Security Representatives, can provide Federal Bonding,” says Doret, which is a program that helps individuals with a felony background obtain employment with participating employers.

Main Event

Frequent hiring events, including veterans’ job fairs, training information sessions and weekly workshops.
Website: www.careersourcesouthwestflorida.com (to view calendar of upcoming workshops)