Having three young children in our schools gives me insight into the educational struggles that students and their families face. I want all children in our district to learn in environments that are supportive and challenging, allowing them to find their gifts and talents. I am invested in the public schools in our county and want them to always be the best option for our families.

As a former Charlotte County teacher, I understand the educational and professional struggles our teachers face. We must stand up against top-down legislation that limits teachers’ creativity, inadequate salaries, and an unhealthy culture that has left teachers and staff overworked and stretched thin. I will use my professional training and classroom experience to fight for our teachers, staff, and students.

Owning and operating a large community business has taught me a great deal, the most important of which is integrity. As a member of the school board, I will strive to represent my constituents with the utmost integrity, transparency, and accessibility.

I am committed to facilitating an honest and collaborative culture between all stakeholders in the education of Charlotte County’s youth. As a member of your school board, I will lead with energy and enthusiasm for educational excellence.