Economic Stability

Whether it is educating individuals directly through programs like Getting Ahead classes or helping local businesses create jobs that take advantage of tax credits for employing homeless and extremely low- income people, we believe that economic stability is a key component of preventing and ending homelessness.

Everyone deserves to enjoy the comfort of knowing that they are in control of their money and have the tools to create a bright future for themselves and their families.

At Gulf Coast Partnership we will help individuals and businesses realize the goal of financial freedom and security.

Bridges Out of Poverty (Getting Ahead Classes)

Bridges Out of Poverty is a uniquely powerful tool designed for social, health, and legal professionals.

The powerful Getting Ahead curriculum shares Bridges Out of Poverty concepts directly with those living in poverty. Trained facilitators help people develop their own plans for stability during this 16-session experience.

Financial Education and Budgeting by SunTrust

SunTrust provides valuable lessons on managing money, maintaining nancial independence, and long-term financial planning for individuals in Getting Ahead.

Helping people stay out of poverty once they’ve left is essential for continued success in life.